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With backgrounds from Slovenia, its streets, its melancholic surroundings, and also the need for travel, he fusions his adventures not only in the caption of the landscapes but also in urban scenes. In the search for portraying different locations, he found himself in Barcelona’s lively streets where the fluency and influence of so many types of people have grabbed him. Nowadays he’s installed there and the magnetic attraction of the city plus his appreciation of her sound as it will last for a while.​By being an example of learning by doing, at the contemplation of where the things are happening he achieved his objective correlative. Furthermore, hints of his studies in ethnology and cultural anthropology can be seen in the evolution of his work that went from the wider to the specifics. This offers a better understanding of the whole and the details.​The variety of environments connected by several sources has to be the key in the attribution of labels such as open-minded, reliable, and transparent. His pictures boost the weight of the instant as if you are transported in the first person to where Tadej has left a piece of him.

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